About RAN

hello guys!

I'm Rizky Ayu Nabila. You can call me Ayu or Nabila or RAN (Rizky Ayu Nabila). I'm 18 years old. I'm from Indonesia. I'm moslem. I was born in Palembang, on August 13th 1999. I live at Bambang Utoyo street and live with my family. I am the second of four children. I have two brothers and one sister. But, my sister has died since she was born. So, i never saw her face and i miss her so much. 

My Educational Background :
1. Kindergarten Dharma Wanita 1 (2004-2005)
2. State Primary School 57 Palembang (2005-2011)
3. State Junior High School 50 Palembang (2011-2014)
4. State Senior High School 15 Palembang (2014-2017)
5. State Polytechnic of Sriwijaya, Chemical Engineering Dept. with the concentration of Industrial Chemical Technology. (2017-2021)*

I wrote on the blog since I was 6th grade primary school. At that time I wrote a lot about the lyrics of songs, photos of my friends and also about the story of my life at that time. 

I have changed blogs several times for forgotten passwords. Insyaallah, this blog will survive. I'm tired of making blogs again haha.

On this blog, I will share my life stories and experiences, I will also share about tips, advice, college,  poems, and everything that I think is important to share with you.

I hope you enjoy with this blog^^

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