Inner Beauty

September 02, 2017

Girls, u know?
You are beautiful like what your mom said
You are beautiful like what you're thinking about it.
No matter what they say, no matter if you're fat or you have black skin, you're still beautiful

Every woman has her own beauty.
And, you know?
Natural beauty comes from the heart and from the attitude.
That is the important thing in beauty and it's very sad because many girls forget it.

You don't be sad just because the boy abandons to you or careless to you.
They don't deserve to you. You should be happy because God gives to you clue that they not too good for you. moreover, the boy abandons to you because they assume that you don't beautiful, HAHA. They are so funny, aren't they?

Trust me, if the boy really loves you, they don't abandon you just because they think you don't beautiful. :)
Save your tears, they don't deserve to cry for.

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