Not as a foreigner, but as a life partner.

August 04, 2017

In the end, all questions will be answered.
In the end, all sadness will be destroyed.
In the end, the 'love' will disappear over time.


There are no guarantees in love. But if you do not risk getting hurt or feeling vulnerable how can we ever be sure?

I'm happy for your success, Mister.
You deserve all that.
Alhough it's a sign I can not see you anymore, I'm happy too.

Mr, when you're there, learn and fight as hard as you can. 
Get all the dreams you dream about.
Be the best and don't forget to always be grateful.

I'm here too.
Learn and fight as hard as I can and fight for all my dreams.
And also always learn to be the best.

Maybe, and hopefully someday we can meet again.

I hope you know

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