New month, New Hope.

September 01, 2017

The first day in September, I would like to make goals for the month.

So many goals that I want to realize. moreover, this month I have become a college student. 

Well, in this month, I would like to learn and improve my English skills. I feel my English skills are not good, especially about speech and grammar. Yeah, you know? When I was in high school, I felt arduous with this lesson. I didn't find the teacher that could make me interested in English. I felt miserable with this lesson. I assumed that the English lesson is dull. English lesson only centered on value, not to improve skill.

But, today, I very very very would like to improve my English skill. I realized that everything in this world uses English as the primary language. No matter you came from the country that doesn't use English as a mother language, you must still master in English, especially to speak^^

I find many great ways to learn English. I am looking for these ways from many sources; Youtube, Google, and Pinterest. Especially from Rebecca, Emma, and Lucy. They are YouTubers who teach English lessons. Their youtube channel very friendly, easy to understand, and make my spirit to learn English every day! *Thank you!*. In the next post, I would like to share you about my way of learning English. *Insya Allah*

Hmm, so many goals that I would like to realize. But, learn and improve my English skills is my main focus. I hope my English skills will increase so I can talk to tourists haha.

Love this inspirational quote! "Stop stopping yourself." Such a good reminder!

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